BodySwitch for caregivers

BodySwitch For Caregivers

You want the best for your clients. You note (chronic) symptoms or side effects from medications, have tests performed, but a clear clinical diagnosis remains elusive. The symptoms persist, at worst they worsen.

Has your client or patient suffered from health complaints for many years? And has he tried all kinds of things, but nothing helps? If so, BodySwitch’s integrated approach could be a solution.

BodySwitch treats people, who suffer from chronic health issues. Or people who have been taking (heavy) medication for ages and would really like to get rid of it. With our unique approach, we have already helped many people get rid of their chronic health problems.

Orthomolecular nutrition and nutritional supplements can generally be used without problem alongside other treatments such as regular medical treatments. Orthomolecular remedies and regular medication influence each other’s effects, usually in a positive sense. Of course, it is important to discuss the cooperation of this. Please contact your nearest branch so we can exchange views.

Are you a therapist or physician interested in opening your own BodySwitch practice or interested in partnering with our network? Schedule an appointment in our calendar to hear what BodySwitch can offer you or your practice/business or read more here.

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