Who we are

Who we are

BodySwitch is an organization with lifestyle medicine practices. BodySwitch now has sixteen practices and this number is growing. Our goal is to help as many people as possible become “Naturally Healthy.

Only specialized doctors and therapists work in our facilities. They help you restore your body’s balance, based on a personalized integrative treatment plan.

The BodySwitch team

Paul den Dekker

CEO BodySwitch International BV

Frank Jonkers

BodySwitch Emmen / Founder

Saskia de Keulenaar

BodySwitch Alkmaar

Jerrold Verwey

Bodyswitch Arnhem
BodySwitch Tiel

Steffen van Heyningen

BodySwitch Haaglanden

Ellen van Kemenade

BodySwitch Eindhoven-Noord

How did BodySwitch come to be?

BodySwitch was founded in 2011 by Frank Jonkers. Previously, Frank worked as an entrepreneur in IT and was dealing with severe obesity and other health problems. He began studying the impact that diet, lifestyle and exercise has on health. During his search for optimal health, Frank Jonkers came across orthomolecular medicine. He took several studies and in 2011 he opened his BodySwitch practice in Heemskerk. The knowledge and experience gained is the basis for BodySwitch’s specific integrated treatment approach to autoimmune disorders. The approach has since been further developed and is applied to a variety of chronic complaints (see Treatments). The root cause of the symptoms is identified and addressed without medication.

The effective and successful treatments created the demand for opening more branches. BodySwitch has grown into a professional network with offices throughout the Netherlands (Alkmaar, Amsterdam-West, Amsterdam-Zuid, Amsterdam-Centrum, Arnhem, Badhoevedorp, Den Bosch, Eindhoven-Noord, Emmen, Groningen, Haaglanden, Haarlem, Helmond, Hoeksche Waard, Maastricht, Rotterdam-Centrum). If desired, our practices can provide entirely online (via image calling) support for a course of treatment; specialist research is arranged from the home.

Through the intensive cooperation between the practices, BodySwitch uniquely pools a great deal of expertise and practical experience. This allows BodySwitch to provide a different perspective on their health situation for many people with complex chronic conditions. The health of our clients is our common concern; together we are stronger, and we can make a difference.

Our ambition is to strengthen the network with other experts to continue to provide even more and better people with the best orthomolecular care.

BodySwitch can be found for referral by primary care physicians and other health care providers on ZorgDomein. This collaboration is of great importance for people who have not yet found a solution for their persistent symptoms at their family doctor’s office.

Mission and vision BodySwitch

Our Mission

Helping as many people as possible become and stay “Naturally Healthy. That’s what we stand for. We help our clients feel healthier and fitter quickly with the goal of getting rid of their physical and mental complaints permanently. In doing so, we aim to make a crucial contribution to our customers’ happiness in life.

Healthy diet and lifestyle are the foundation of our treatments. We have developed a unique approach in which we first look for the cause of the symptoms. Our treatment is derived from scientific research and orthomolecular medicine. BodySwitch aims to bring about positive change in health care.

We have formulated four core values that are the starting point of our treatments:

  1. Results-oriented: objective is to help our clients get rid of their health problems
  2. Client focus: unique and personalized treatment plan
  3. Scientifically based: ‘evidence based’
  4. Transparent: honest and open

Our Vision

We believe in a turnaround in health care. Healthy diet and lifestyle are key to solving many physical and mental complaints. Chronic diseases are often preventable or reversible by eating healthier and living more consciously. We strive to be the leading healthcare provider and authority on lifestyle medicine.

The Netherlands has more than 9 million chronically ill people by 2024. We want to make a social difference in reducing the cost of care by addressing the cause of health problems. This is the only path that leads to a healthier society with lower healthcare costs.

Quality of care

Quality of care by our specialists is paramount. Our specialists are highly educated (HBO+) and membership by the professional association MBOG, BIG registration or specific expertise is required to join the BodySwitch network. The MBOG promotes the expert practice of Orthomolecular Medicine and their members are affiliated with the RBCZ.

In addition, intensive cooperation and exchange of knowledge and experience between our specialists ensures optimal care at each of our practices in the BodySwitch network. In the unlikely event that a client(s) has any comments or complaints about the treatment by one of the specialists, there is a specific procedure for this that falls under the Care Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act (SCAG).

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      BodySwitch is a lifestyle medicine organization.