We offer three health pathways. Which course is best for you depends on your personal situation, your symptoms and your goals. More information on health pathways and fees can be found here. You can also opt for a separate consultation. The separate rates can be found below:

Indicative rates *


Consultation briefly or by phone (max. 25 min.)
Consult standard (max. 50 min.)
Consultation long (max. 75 min)
from €145
Consultation extended (max. 105 min)

Laboratory testing

Request, elaboration and feedback blood or fecal examination (per examination)**

  • Application for laboratory testing (by arrangement)
  • Analysis and elaboration of the results of the study
  • Feedback and explanation of survey results.

Personal plans

Preparation of personal nutrition plan
Creation of personal lifestyle plan
Preparation of personal supplementation plan
Preparation of personal supplementation plan comprehensive

* These are the minimum standard BodySwitch rates. Individual BodySwitch locations may differ from this. Please refer to the respective practice’s location page to see your practitioner’s rates.
** This does not include the cost of laboratory tests.
*** This does not include the cost of supplements.

Rates as of Jan. 1, 2023

  • If you have a supplementary health care policy, in most cases you are eligible for (partial) reimbursement of consultations. See below for more information under “Reimbursement. BodySwitch is not responsible for whether or not treatments are reimbursed.
  • As a client of BodySwitch, you get access to our exclusive webshop with high discounts on a wide range of nutritional supplements, personal care products and household items.
  • During each appointment, you will be given an invoice to submit to your health insurance company.

Reimbursement from your health insurance

BodySwitch is affiliated with the MBOG (Society for the Advancement of Orthomolecular Medicine). The professional association monitors its members for adequate training and regular continuing education. Practice BodySwitch is registered as an official healthcare provider.

Treatments are covered by many supplementary insurance plans without a referral letter from the doctor. Whether you qualify for reimbursement and the amount of reimbursement depends on your health insurer and your health care policy. BodySwitch is not liable for reimbursement or non-reimbursement. So check your policy conditions carefully yourself.

During each appointment, you will be given an invoice to submit to your health insurance company. The invoice of an “Orthomolecular consultation” does not affect the deductible of the basic insurance.

Want to know if you qualify for reimbursement from your health insurance company? Then check out reimbursements orthomolecular medicine.

New attractive voucher scheme for partial reimbursement of consultations by BodySwitch Netherlands

For clients who sign up before March 31, 2023, BodySwitch has introduced a voucher program. Namely, you will be entitled to two vouchers worth a percentage of the invoice amount for consultations at one of our BodySwitch practices in the past 2 months.

One of the vouchers entitles you to partial reimbursement (**) by BodySwitch Netherlands on the invoice of your next consultation(s).

The other voucher is intended for a family member, friend or colleague and entitles to reimbursement (**) by BodySwitch Netherlands on a new client’s intake consultation or additional examination (*). In addition, this new client will receive access to our exclusive webshop with the highest discount on an extensive range of supplements and personal care products from all quality brands, among others.

(*): performed by the specialized research laboratory RP Sanitas Humanus

How can you claim the vouchers?

You will send a copy of your recent invoices (max. 2 months) to info@bodyswitch.nl. Within 2 weeks you will receive the two vouchers by email. (For non-insured persons, the addition of proof of health insurance is required).

How is the value of the vouchers reimbursed?

The vouchers entitle partial reimbursement on future invoices (**). Send these invoices with the voucher(s) to office@bodyswitch.nl with the subject line ‘Voucher‘, with the following attachments: the relevant invoices, the voucher and your bank account number. The refund will be deposited into your bank account within 30 business days. You can ask any questions you may have at this email address or via our central telephone number 088-0102300.

(**) detailed description of the terms and conditions of the voucher campaign available at info@bodyswitch.nl

value per voucher

Invoices (*)




minimum 100 €



minimum 200 €



minimum 300 €



minimum 400 €



minimum €500



(*) invoice date maximum 2 months ago, amount net excl. VAT

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