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BodySwitch is a lifestyle medicine organization. BodySwitch consists of a team of orthomolecular therapists, doctors and specialists who support each other to help you get rid of your symptoms. That is the power of BodySwitch.

We do not treat symptoms but look for the cause of your symptoms. This is the only way we can help you get rid of your symptoms!

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Due to severe migraines, I had to call in sick for a day almost every month. And after that, it took a day or two before I felt fit again. I have now found out that with the right diet and lifestyle, I can do a lot, to prevent these attacks. It does take some discipline, but it’s paying off for me a lot.

Yvonne (treated for other complaints, migraine)

I never expected to be able to get rid of my symptoms. I tried so many things, but nothing helped. With the insights I have gained, I can take control of my life again. I am not only pain-free, but also much more energetic. Never thought this would be possible.

Pieter (treated for other complaints)

Two years ago, I started feeling very tired and lame. I was in a busy phase with small children and a tough job. The family doctor thought I was toward burnout. I started to slow down and work less. Unfortunately, this did not help: the symptoms only got worse. Fortunately, through treatment at BodySwitch, I found out, what was causing my symptoms. I have had to make profound adjustments to my lifestyle and diet, but I feel fit and energetic again.

Claudia (treated for fatigue symptoms/burnout)

I had been suffering from a lot of abdominal pain, diarrhea and other unexplained symptoms for years. This had a great impact not only physically, but also mentally. Through BodySwitch I found out, that my body is hypersensitive to certain nutrients. With the personal nutrition and supplement plan, I got rid of my symptoms and know what to eat and what not to eat to feel good.

Roel (treated for bowel problems and irritable bowel)


Customer experiences BodySwitch - Your Switch to better health!

Customer experiences BodySwitch - Your Switch to better health!

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      BodySwitch is a lifestyle medicine organization.