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BodySwitch treats fibromyalgia from the core!

Do you have fibromyalgia or symptoms of it? Such as recurring pain in your muscles and joints, extreme stiffness in the morning or exhausted muscles.

And would you like to get rid of your symptoms? Then our specialists can help you! Fibromyalgia is a nasty disease that is often underestimated and ignored, even by licensed doctors and general practitioners.

BodySwitch knows how to treat fibromyalgia from the core. Read more about fibromyalgia and our treatment below.

What is fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain syndrome associated with multiple highly obstructive symptoms. The literal translation of fibromyalgia (FM) is: pain in connective tissue and muscles.

The main complaints are extreme fatigue or exhaustion, depression (88%), bowel problems (83%), morning stiffness (82%) sleep disturbances (80%) and chronic headaches (60%).

In addition, allergies and concentration and memory disorders are also common. These symptoms often leave people with fibromyalgia unable to participate in society in a normal way.

Tens of thousands of people have fibromyalgia.

In the Netherlands, tens of thousands of people suffer to a greater or lesser extent from this unpleasant syndrome. An additional problem for people with fibromyalgia is that this condition is very difficult to define in “mainstream” medicine.

The clinical picture is often denied by the general practitioner, specialist and the company doctor because of normal results from blood tests and the patient’s usually healthy appearance.

As a result, even the immediate environment of friends and family and the employer often do not take the complaints seriously.

However, we at BodySwitch do not deny these problems! We help people with fibromyalgia with a proper treatment plan. You’ll read more about this in a moment.

Fibromyalgia symptoms

How do you know if you have fybromyalgia? Have you not yet been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but are experiencing symptoms such as recurring pain in your muscles and joints?

In fibromyalgia, patients suffer from the following (common) symptoms:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Pain in the back, neck, shoulders, sternum, side of the hips or inside of the knee
  • Stiffness, often in the morning or after sitting/standing still for a while
  • Loss of strength in the muscles
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety or depressive feelings
  • Problems with concentration or forgetfulness

The following complaints are less common:

  • Headache
  • Heavy feeling in the arms or legs
  • A burning sensation in or on the skin
  • Less sensation in or on the skin
  • Intestinal cramps and abdominal pain
  • Swollen toes, fingers or ankles
  • Memory loss

Other symptoms may also occur. In addition, symptoms may decrease or increase in intensity over time.

Treat fibromyalgia at BodySwitch!

Do you recognize yourself in these symptoms and would like to get rid of your symptoms? If so, please fill out the contact form below!

BodySwitch’s approach focuses on identifying the cause of the symptoms.

To do this, we take an integrative approach and use specialized laboratory tests (blood and stool). This allows us to understand all the factors involved in causing your symptoms.

Based on the results of the analysis, we create a personalized treatment plan that is completely tailored to you.

The great thing about BodySwitch is that we don’t fight the symptoms, but we tackle the problem from the core.

Want to know more about our fibromyalgia treatment? Then get in touch.

Want to know more about our fibromyalgia treatment? If so, please fill out the contact form below. We’ll put you in touch with our specialist in your area.

Want to know more? Get in touch!

I had been suffering from intense health issues for many years. Despite all kinds of investigations, it was not clear what was going on. Through a friend, I was referred to BodySwitch. There they found and addressed the cause of the symptoms. I am extremely happy with the good results. Soon I will retire and be able to enjoy my grandchildren without health issues.

Robert (treated for other complaints)

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Fibromyalgia treatment pathway

Step 1: Analysis

We start treatment with a comprehensive analysis of your personal situation. To find out where your symptoms are coming from, it is necessary for us to know a lot about you. Collect this information by:

  • a comprehensive online questionnaire
  • a food diary
  • a comprehensive intake interview
  • Additional laboratory tests (blood and stool)

By analyzing all available information, we gain insight into the factors that may play a role in causing the symptoms.

Step 2: Personalized treatment plan

Based on the results of the analysis phase, we will create a personalized treatment plan for you. Our treatment plan is based on the four pillars: nutrition, supplementation, exercise and mindset.

Fibromyalgia treatment aims to improve your energy production. With our personalized treatment plan, we calm your stress system and treat symptoms that come from the gut. In addition, we will prepare an exercise plan and a supplementation plan for you.

The exercise plan focuses on the production of more mitochondria (energy factories) and presence of sufficient oxygen. The supplementation plan we put together for you will provide the building blocks needed for proper energy production.

Finally, the treatment plan focuses on addressing the serotonin deficiency and pain symptoms. Depending on your symptoms, we start with targeted supplements that stimulate serotonin production. If necessary, we supplement this temporarily with plant extracts.

In this way, we avoid the problems and side effects that often occur when using regular antidepressants.

Step 3: Guidance

The results of your treatment depend in part on your motivation and discipline. We guide you intensively in this process. There is a lot of attention to coaching and knowledge transfer from our specialists.

To properly monitor progress, we schedule regular follow-up consultations. We will discuss the interim results with you and, if necessary, have additional laboratory tests done.

We also make interim adjustments to the treatment plan as needed.

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Cause Fibromyalgia.

There are several causes of fibromyalgia, you can read about them below. We can find out the cause of your problems through research.

Fibromyalgia cause 1: Energy deficiency in the (skeletal) muscles.
This energy deficiency is caused by a mismatch between the amount of energy produced and how much is consumed.

Proper nutrition is essential for energy production. In addition, there must be enough building materials, sufficient oxygen and energy factories (mitochondria).

Increased consumption of energy in our body is usually caused by the 2 main energy-hungry components: the stress system and our immune system. In people with fibromyalgia, the stress system from childhood is often extra sensitive.

Indeed, in more than 90% of patients, a traumatic experience in childhood is found to have occurred. As a result, the basic sense of safety and security is never well developed.

– Fibromyalgia cause 2: An overactive immune system (as described above).
In the vast majority of patients with fibromyalgia, an overactive immune system comes from a damaged barrier function of our intestines. This creates what is known as a leaky gut, allowing things that should normally stay outside our bodies to easily enter the bloodstream anyway.

This causes a continuously active immune system. Which in turn takes energy.

Fibromyalgia cause 3: Serotonin deficiency.
Serotonin is a hormone and signaling molecule for nerve cells. A deficiency of this can not only lead to depression, but also leads to other problems.

One may suffer from constipation because the peristalsis of our bowels requires serotonin. Sleep problems occur because the sleep hormone melatonin is formed from serotonin. And, of course, the most well-known thing about fibromyalgia is the hypersensitivity to pain. This is because a lack of serotonin in nerve cells causes signal amplification and therefore worsening of pain sensitivity.

These were three major causes of fibromyalgia. Our specialists will take the time for you to discuss your specific situation. Through comprehensive analysis and specialized research, they will look for the cause of your symptoms and how they can be reduced!

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