Every organization deals with absenteeism. If employees are sick a few days a year, the consequences are manageable. A bigger problem is when employees are sick for long periods of time. The number of chronically ill people has risen sharply in recent years. In 2017, 50% of the Dutch population has a chronic condition. This percentage continues to increase in the coming years. More and more employees will take long-term leave due to chronic illness. This is a problem for the employee, but certainly also for you as an employer.

The government has arranged through the Gatekeeper Improvement Act that employer and employee are both responsible for the prompt return to work. The reasons for treatment vary from employee to employee, but it is certain that complaints pass more quickly and better results are achieved if you take an integrated approach.

What can BodySwitch do for your sick employee?

BodySwitch treats people, who have suffered from health problems for many years. They have often tried all kinds of things, but nothing helps. Or people who have been taking (heavy) medication for ages and would really like to get rid of it. With our unique approach, we have already helped many people get rid of their health problems.

We offer an individualized treatment program to employees who are long-term sick. The starting point of our treatment is healthy diet and lifestyle. Your employee will start feeling fitter and healthier soon after starting the treatment program.

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