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Starting your own BodySwitch practice or joining our network?

Are you building the next BodySwitch practice with us or would you like to partner with us?

BodySwitch is a network of collaborating practices with specialists in (orthomolecular) lifestyle medicine. We help people regain health and fitness naturally.

We have developed a unique successful formula for orthomolecular therapists and physicians in recent years. Our passionate specialists have been working with this approach for more than 10 years and have already helped more than 4,000 clients get rid of their complaints. We want to further roll out our approach and open branches nationwide. The Netherlands has more than 9 million chronically ill people by 2023. Our ambition is to turn this tide and help as many people as possible to become and stay “Naturally Healthy.

Are you interested in working with us to build a successful BodySwitch practice of your own in your hometown ? Or to hear how you can partner with BodySwitch with your own practice ? Then contact us! Or schedule an appointment directly in our calendar

What are the benefits for member practices ?

We make our unique formula available to orthomolecular therapists and physicians in the form of a cafeteria model based on wants and needs.

Together, member practices are stronger than on their own: high reach of potential clients through website and social media campaigns, support in many areas of practice management (saves time, increases quality), access to more substantive knowledge and experience, use of automated platform and process guidance in a treatment process, secure communication with clients, revenue model through partnerships, better care for our clients through intensive mutual exchange of insights, joint inter-collegiate case consultation, professional storage of medical data, etc.

If your practice does not want to use all the facilities, BodySwitch offers flexible partnerships for that. Want to know more? Schedule your no-obligation introductory consultation here.

The most far-reaching form of cooperation is franchising. Franchisees use the concept and the BodySwitch brand. The franchisees are self-employed but surrounded by fellow physicians and therapists. You will then be supported and relieved in all possible areas by the central franchise organization. We offer support before and after you start your practice in the areas of:

  • Setting up your practice
  • Marketing, communications and lead generation
  • Administration and IT systems
  • Education and training
  • Knowledge and knowledge sharing
  • Procurement (revenue model and economies of scale).

When you open your own BodySwitch practice, you can choose an intensive and individualized internship and training program. Then you get to work treating and assisting your clients as soon as possible.

Do you already have your own existing practice? If so, joining BodySwitch can offer many benefits for you as well. We are happy to discuss the possibilities in more detail in a personal meeting.

Who are we looking for?

We are growing rapidly and are urgently looking to expand our network with new colleagues.

Enterprising and driven orthomolecular and/or integrally trained physicians or therapists, who put the client first. Wanting to look for the cause of the symptoms and intensively guide people to regain their health.

The profile for a new colleague is characterized as follows:

  1. You are (soon) affiliated with the professional association for orthomolecular medicine MBOG (incl. Medical Basic Knowledge according to Plato standard 2017), or you are BIG-registered. If affiliated with another professional association, BodySwitch membership is also available.
  2. Experience in healthcare as a physician or therapist is a plus
  3. Customer-oriented, socially skilled and empathetic
  4. Analytical attitude and healthy curiosity
  5. Entrepreneurial, driven, passion for this field

Are you excited about the BodySwitch concept and would like to learn more about the possibilities of rolling out the BodySwitch vision in your region? If so, please contact us without obligation.

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