Treatment Pathways BodySwitch

Treatment Pathways BodySwitch

Are you curious about ways to get rid of your symptoms? Then make an appointment with the practice near you. Together with you, we look at which treatment pathway is best for you.

✓ No waiting lists
✓ With or without GP referral
✓ Addressing the cause of complaints
✓ Orthomolecular, natural approach

The right course for everyone
Do you have health issues and are curious what we can do for you? We tailor the treatment program to your personal situation. We work with different treatment pathways, which consist of examinations, consultations and treatment plans. But you can also come for just a consultation(click here for individual rates).

We have three different treatment pathways, which you can supplement with separate examinations or components.

What is a “Personalized Treatment Consultation?
During the initial consultation, the therapist will discuss the answers of your submitted questionnaire, food diary and any recent lab tests with you. You will receive advice about your health situation and explanations about the cause of your symptoms. If possible, you will already be given some tips for “quick wins” for improving your health. We also advise which BodySwitch course is best for you. This is always without obligation.
What do we mean by “Investigations”?
With the results from our tests, we gain insight into your digestive capacity and food intolerances, among other things. Depending on what tests you have done, we can also gain knowledge about the status of your gut flora, nutritional deficiencies, hormones and your immunity. Based on these insights, we can begin to create your personal treatment plan. You can always choose to start the treatment program only after you receive the results of the tests. You have the option of interrupting or stopping the health track at any time in the interim.
What is a “Personalized Treatment Plan?
There is sometimes a lot involved in adjusting your lifestyle habits. Therefore, it is good to have this information clearly and concretely written down. Depending on your current lifestyle, we create your personalized treatment plan. That way you can get started step by step.


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