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BodySwitch has in-house specialists who know everything there is to know about Crohn’s disease. Crohn’s disease is a nasty disease that fortunately can be treated effectively and naturally.

Our specialists are happy to help you get rid of your symptoms so that your quality of life improves.

If you have Crohn’s disease or want to know if you have Crohn’s disease, read on.

What is Crohn's disease? And what is Colitis Ulcerosa?

Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease. Along with Ulcerative Colitis, it is the most common chronic inflammatory bowel disease. Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis fall into the category of the
autoimmune diseases

Crohn’s disease often manifests at the transition from the small to large intestine, but can occur at any location in the intestinal tract.

Colitis Ulcerosa involves chronic, regularly recurring inflammation of the colon.

Treating Crohn's disease.

BodySwitch has developed a unique approach where we get to the root of what causes chronic inflammation.

To find out the cause of the disease, we make a comprehensive analysis of your symptoms. Our approach is integrative, meaning that we look at your health in a broad sense and use specialized laboratory testing (blood and stool) where necessary. This thorough and structured research method gives us clues that lead to the causes of the disease.

According to our view, a disease can only be treated effectively if the cause is known. Based on the results of the examination, we prepare a personalized treatment plan.

As a result, we do not fight the symptoms, but address the problem from the core.

Treat the cause, not symptoms!

Our Crohn’s disease treatment is aimed at helping you feel better quickly, symptoms diminish, you have more energy and your quality of life greatly increases.

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Want to know more about our Crohn's disease treatment? Then get in touch.

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BodySwitch’s approach was very different from what I was used to. They deal with the patient very personally. They ask a lot of questions and do research into the cause of the disease. The result is great: I am off my medication and no longer suffer from anything.”

Fionulla (treated for Crohn’s disease)

Crohn's disease treatment pathway

Step 1: Laboratory examination

In Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis, laboratory testing is essential. Diagnosis in patients is often done based on an MRI scan and measuring values such as Calprotectin (a chronic inflammatory marker measured in feces) and CRP (an inflammatory marker in blood). This established a chronic inflammatory state, but not what causes it.

In blood and stool, we analyze pathogenic factors such as parasites, fungi, viruses and bacteria and food intolerances. Consider intolerances to gluten and dairy.

Our goal is always to collaborate with the attending (MDL) physician so that in consultation the best can be provided for the patient.

Step 2: Personalized treatment plan

Based on the results of the laboratory examination, we will create a personalized treatment plan for you. In every patient, a mix of different factors come into play. Your situation is unique and so is your treatment plan.

The treatment plan focuses on addressing the factors that cause the disease. With proper nutrition and the use of specialized and targeted nutritional supplements, infections are addressed, nutritional deficiencies replenished and inflammation calmed. The clinical picture becomes stable and inflammation often disappears in a short time. After that, we work to make the best possible recovery.

With the personal nutrition and supplement plan, we support the body as optimally as possible. Any damage caused by surgery unfortunately cannot be repaired. However, in most cases the situation can be stabilized and the quality of life can be greatly improved.

Step 3: Guidance and outcome

The results of your treatment depend in part on your motivation and discipline. To guide you through this process, our specialists pay a lot of attention to coaching and knowledge transfer, so that even after the process itself, you will be able to maintain the results achieved.

To properly monitor progress, we schedule regular follow-up consultations. During the consultations, we will discuss the interim results with you. If necessary, we order additional laboratory tests and, based on the results, adjust the treatment plan in the interim.

In this way, we work together toward the best possible result.

Side effects and medication:

Our premise is that good treatment has no side effects. Many patients who come to us are on heavy medication that they would like to get rid of because of the serious side effects that some medications have.

An example of this is the drug group “immunosuppressants,” which, as it were, lower or turn off the immune system. These drugs can result in bacterial infections having free rein to expand. As a result, the syndrome can then actually worsen. And sometimes patients have already had many surgeries to the stage of placing a stoma.

Our treatment is aimed at making you feel better, reduce symptoms and have more energy. In many patients, medication is often no longer needed (fairly soon) after starting treatment.

Unfortunately, the damage caused by operations cannot be repaired. However, in most cases the health situation can be stabilized and the quality of life greatly improved.

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Crohn's disease: background and insights

Background information:

A disease is often a name, given to a particular circumstance. In the case of Crohn’s, it is the name given to a chronic inflammatory condition of the intestinal tract. Crohn’s disease, or enteritis regionalis, is named after American physician Burrill Crohn (1884 – 1983).

In 1932, the disease symptoms were described in the JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) by Dr. Oppenheimer, Dr. Ginzburg and assistant Burrill Crohn. The article lists the researchers’ names alphabetically, naming Burrill B. Crohn first and naming Crohn’s disease after him.

In 1935, Burrill B. Crohn was elected president of the American Gastro-Enterological Association. He died in 1983 at the age of 99.

Heredity or environmental factors?

At the time Burill Crohn described the “disease,” not much was known about how our environment affects our DNA; epi-genetics.

In our view, a disease in itself is not hereditary, but the factors that cause the disease may be hereditary. Consider food intolerances to lactose, dairy or gluten, for example. Often the patient is not aware of this, because it has not yet been diagnosed (properly).

Scientific developments within epi-genetics are rapidly following one another. We are becoming increasingly aware of the effects of environmental factors that affect our health. Therefore, we can now conclude that many of our diseases are caused by these factors.

In epi-genetics, one studies the reversible heritable change in gene functions. These changes occur without changes to DNA and are transferable to subsequent generations. Even common nutrients, as well as toxins and stress, can alter the expression of genes and make us healthy or sick.

BodySwitch particularly focuses on the epi-genetic factors and thus environmental factors in treating the patient.


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