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Are your hormones out of balance?

Do you feel like your hormones are out of balance? If so, that could very well be the case. In fact, hormonal imbalance is very common.

A hormonal imbalance means that your body makes too much or too little of certain hormones. As a result, you may not feel comfortable in your own skin, have mood swings, low appetite or experience a lot of stress, for example.

Hormonal complaints come in different shapes and sizes. Fortunately, most hormonal complaints can be treated effectively.

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What are hormonal symptoms?

To know about hormonal symptoms, you must first know what hormones are. In fact, hormones have an essential role in the body. Hormones control many body processes, including metabolism and appetite, sleep cycle, heart rate, mood and stress levels.

Therefore, a hormonal imbalance can mess up many body functions. Well-known hormonal complaints in women are menopausal complaints such as hot flashes around menopause or premenstrual complaints.

There are also many symptoms that are caused by our hormones, but are less well known. They are vague symptoms that you could have even without hormonal problems.

But fatigue, joint pain, migraines, gaining or losing weight are also symptoms that can result from a hormonal imbalance.

These symptoms can have a great impact on daily functioning. Fortunately, hormonal imbalance can often be treated very effectively naturally.

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Hormonal complaints treatment at BodySwitch.

In our practices, we treat people with a variety of hormonal complaints, including menopause symptoms.

To find out the cause of hormonal symptoms, we make a comprehensive analysis of your problem. In doing so, we take an integrative approach and use specialized laboratory tests (blood, saliva, urine and stool).

Based on the results of the examination, we prepare a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs. By modifying your diet and lifestyle, most clients get their hormonal symptoms under control.

The great thing about BodySwitch is that we don’t fight the symptoms, but we tackle the problem from the core.

This is how we help you get rid of your problems and rebalance your hormones!

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At BodySwitch there is always a specialist who can help you further. BodySwitch consists of a team of specialists who support each other to help you get rid of your problems.

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“I eat healthy, sleep well and exercise quite a lot. Still, I hadn’t felt fit for years. I was also suffering from a lot of complaints such as headaches and skin problems. Since my treatment program at BodySwitch, I know that my hormones were out of balance. I gained insight into what nutritional deficiencies I had and how I can keep my hormones in balance. I feel fit and energetic again and am rid of my health issues. What enjoyment that is!”

Margot (treated for hormonal complaints)

Treatment pathway for hormonal complaints

Step 1: Analysis

We start treatment with a comprehensive analysis. To find out where your hormonal symptoms are coming from, it is necessary for us to know a lot about you. We collect this information by:

  • a comprehensive online questionnaire
  • a food diary
  • a comprehensive intake interview
  • Additional laboratory tests (blood and stool)

By analyzing all available information, we gain insight into the factors that may play a role in causing the symptoms.

Step 2: Personalized treatment plan

Based on the results of the analysis phase, we will create a personalized treatment plan for you. It is based on our four pillars: nutrition, supplementation, exercise and mindset.

The treatment plan focuses on addressing the factors causing the hormonal symptoms. We also provide comprehensive exercise advice specifically tailored to your condition. The goal of treatment is for you to quickly feel better and fitter and the symptoms diminish.

We prefer to work with the attending physician or specialist, so that in consultation the best approach can be provided for the patient.

Step 3: Guidance

The results of your treatment depend in part on your motivation and discipline. Our specialists will guide you intensively in this process and pay close attention to coaching and knowledge transfer.

To properly monitor progress, we schedule regular follow-up consultations. During the consultations, we will discuss the interim results with you and, if necessary, have additional laboratory tests done. If necessary, we adjust the treatment plan in the interim.

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