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58% of the Dutch population has a Chronic Disease!

Research by the National Institute of Public Health shows that 9.9 million people so about 58% of the Dutch population has a chronic disease or condition.

And the percentage is expected to rise in the coming years. We can therefore safely call this a major problem!

But what exactly is a Chronic Disease? And does it bother you? You can read more about chronic diseases and complaints below.


What is a chronic illness?

Chronic illness is a term you may have heard many times but may not know exactly what it is. So, what is a chronic disease anyway?

Explaining chronic illness:

A person with a chronic condition suffers from the same condition for a long time. This disease can be physical or psychological. The illness lasts at least three months or results in more than three episodes of illness per year.

Most common chronic disease.

Especially later in life, but sometimes at an early age, people develop chronic diseases. Examples are
cardiovascular diseases
, diabetes, cancer, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and musculoskeletal disorders. This has a great impact on their physical and mental well-being.

As people are getting older, the number of people with chronic diseases is also increasing. On top of that, more and more people have more than one chronic illness.

It is important to prevent these diseases as much as possible. This provides a better quality of life and prevents unnecessary care.

Many chronic diseases are related to your lifestyle.

Many of the chronic conditions listed are related to lifestyle, such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and intestinal disease.

It is possible to break the trend of the growing number of chronically ill people, if many people switch to a healthier lifestyle. This is the key not only to lowering the cost of care, but more importantly to improving quality of life.

Many chronic complaints stem from problems in the intestines. Even complaints, not initially thought of as gut-related, such as migraines, eczema or depression, are often related to your gut health.

Fortunately, these health issues are often very treatable, through an integrative approach.

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Treating chronic disease.

Fortunately, it is possible to fight chronic diseases effectively. At BodySwitch we always look for the cause of the health issues first.

To determine the cause, we do a comprehensive analysis of your symptoms. Here we take an integrative approach and use specialized laboratory tests (blood and stool).

Based on the results of the analysis, we prepare a personalized treatment plan. As a result, we do not fight the symptoms, but address the problem from the core.

This is also directly the big advantage at BodySwitch. We do not fight the symptoms, but we tackle the problem from the core.

When are you chronically ill?

So you are chronically ill when you suffer from the same condition for a long time. This could be a physical or psychological condition. are.

Thereby, the illness lasts at least three months or leads to more than three periods of illness in a year.

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Due to severe migraines, I had to call in sick for a day almost every month. And after that, it took a day or two before I felt fit again. I have now found out that with the right diet and lifestyle, I can do a lot, to prevent these attacks. It does take some discipline, but it’s paying off for me a lot.

Yvonne (treated for other complaints, migraine)

Treatment pathway chronic illness

Step 1: Analysis

We start treatment with a comprehensive analysis. To find out where your chronic symptoms are coming from, it is necessary for us to know a lot about you. We collect this information by:

  • a comprehensive online questionnaire
  • a food diary
  • a comprehensive intake interview
  • Additional laboratory tests (blood and stool)

By analyzing all available information, we gain insight into the factors that may play a role in causing the symptoms.

Step 2: Personalized treatment plan

Based on the results of the analysis phase, we will create a personalized treatment plan for you. It is based on our four pillars: nutrition, supplementation, exercise and mindset.

Our treatment plan focuses on addressing the factors causing the chronic symptoms. Here, we provide comprehensive exercise advice specifically tailored to your conditioning situation. The goal of treatment is for you to quickly feel better and fitter and the symptoms diminish.

We prefer to cooperate with the attending physician or specialist, so that in consultation the best can be offered to the patient.

Step 3: Guidance

The results of your treatment depend in part on your motivation and discipline. Our specialists will guide you intensively in this process and pay close attention to coaching and knowledge transfer.

To properly monitor progress, we schedule regular follow-up consultations. During these consultations, we will discuss interim results with you and, if necessary, have additional laboratory tests done. If necessary, we adjust the treatment plan in the interim.

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Mijn naam is Frank Jonkers, Integraal behandelaar en specialist met focus op chronische ziektebeelden en auto-immuunziekten.

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