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What is an autoimmune disease?

Autoimmune diseases are disease states in which the immune system reacts inappropriately to its own tissues. What you need to know is that our immune system is closely related to autoimmune diseases.

The immune system protects our body from infections (by bacteria, viruses, parasites, for example) and from cancer. It also provides repairs to damaged tissue.

At birth, we have already been given certain defense mechanisms, but we build much of our immunity by coming into contact with pathogens.

When your immune system stops working properly, it can make you seriously ill. Complaints in autoimmune diseases often present in muscles, joints, skin and internal organs, such as kidneys, heart, lungs and blood vessels.

Symptoms of autoimmune diseases

In most cases, an autoimmune diseaseinvolves chronic inflammation of the organs or joints. Symptoms such as fatigue, depression, pain and an overall miserable feeling are also associated with these types of conditions.

Symptoms and symptoms that may arise depends on the type of autoimmune disease and which tissues are affected. Sometimes the effect is localized, but much more often there is malaise that affects the entire body.

What many autoimmune diseases have in common is that when the immune system is overactive, there is fatigue and (low-grade) inflammation that can manifest itself in many places in the body (think lungs, intestines and skin).

It can also negatively affect the brain, nervous system and state of mind

Only 25% autoimmune diseases are due to hereditary factors.

Studies show that only 25% of disease states involving autoimmunity are determined by hereditary factors. Environmental factors determine the onset of autoimmunity by more than 75%.

Important environmental factors include nutrition, gut flora, stress, toxins and infections. And these are precisely the factors we can treat at BodySwitch!

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Autoimmune diseases cause

An autoimmune disease involves an error in the immune system (immune system failure). The immune system overreacts, attacking the body’s own cells in the process.

In many autoimmune diseases, the body makes specific antibodies that can sometimes be measured in blood tests. Well-known antibodies are anti-TPO ( Hashimoto’s disease, for example) and anti-TSI(Graves’ disease). There are also autoimmune diseases whose antibodies are not yet known. Therefore, it is not yet 100 percent proven that this is an autoimmune disease.

When the immune system is highly stressed and overactive for long periods of time, the likelihood of an autoimmune disease manifesting itself is increased. It is often preceded by chronic stress(adrenal exhaustion), illness (viruses) or childbirth. In addition, an unhealthy diet and lifestyle can also make the immune system more active (and thus more aggressive).

Elevated blood sugar, large amounts of organ fat, food hypersensitivities, allergies, gut problems(leaky gut syndrome) and a gut flora that is out of balance can all contribute to an overactive immune system and thus autoimmune diseases

Types of autoimmune diseases

Exactly how many autoimmune diseases there are is not known. Presumably the number runs as high as close to a hundred. Some of them are rare. Nor have all diseases been determined with certainty that an autoimmunity lies beneath them as the cause.

Well-known examples of (suspected) autoimmune diseases are:

  • Thyroid: Hashimoto’s disease and Graves’ disease
  • Scalp: Alopecia areata
  • Nerve tissue: multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Muscle tissue (neuromuscular): Myasthenia gravis
  • Gut (digestive system): Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Celiac disease (gluten).
  • Skin: Psoriasis, lupus (skin lupus), vitiligo and lichen planus (also mucous membranes)
  • Pancreas (beta cells Islets of Langerhans): Type 1 diabetes
  • Joints: Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Tear and salivary glands: Sjögren’s syndrome
  • Adrenal glands: Addison’s disease
  • Connective tissue: Scleroderma
  • Multiple organs and tissue: systemic lupus

Autoimmune disease treatment BodySwitch.

BodySwitch has a network of collaborating specialists which has a lot of expertise and knowledge on how to address the symptoms of autoimmune diseases. Many thousands of clients in recent years have greatly benefited from treatment at one of our practices, and significantly improved their quality of life.

At BodySwitch, we look for the cause of the autoimmune disease. To determine the cause, we do a comprehensive analysis of your symptoms. Here we take an integrative approach and use specialized laboratory tests (blood and stool).

Based on the results of the analysis, we create a personalized treatment plan. As a result, we are not fighting the symptoms, but addressing the problem from the core!

BodySwitch is a specialist in autoimmune disease treatments.

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I never expected to be able to get rid of my symptoms. I tried so many things, but nothing helped. With the insights I have gained, I can take control of my life again. I am not only pain-free, but also much more energetic. Never thought this would be possible.

Pieter (treated for other complaints)

Treatment pathway for autoimmune diseases

Step 1: Analysis

We start treatment with a comprehensive analysis. To find out where your symptoms are coming from, it is necessary for us to know a lot about you. We collect this information by:

  • a comprehensive online questionnaire
  • a food diary
  • a comprehensive intake interview
  • Additional laboratory tests (blood and stool)

By analyzing all available information, we gain insight into the factors that may play a role in causing the symptoms.

Step 2: Personalized treatment plan

Based on the results of the analysis phase, we will create a personalized treatment plan for you. It is based on the four pillars: nutrition, supplementation, exercise and mindset.

The treatment plan focuses on addressing the factors causing the symptoms, such as stress, nutrition, parasites, fungi, and toxins. We also provide comprehensive exercise advice specifically tailored to your condition. The goal of treatment is that you quickly feel better and fitter, and the symptoms diminish.

We prefer to work with the attending physician or specialist, so that in consultation the best can be provided for the patient.

Step 3: Guidance

The results of your treatment depend in part on your motivation and discipline. Our specialists will guide you intensively in this process and pay close attention to coaching and knowledge transfer.

To properly monitor progress, we schedule regular follow-up consultations. We will discuss the interim results with you and, if necessary, have additional laboratory tests done. If warranted, we make interim adjustments to the treatment plan.

Side effects and medication:
Our premise is that good treatment has no side effects. Many patients who come to us are on heavy medication, which they would like to get rid of, because of serious side effects that some medications have.

An example is immunosuppressants, which turn off the immune system, so to speak. These drugs can result in bacterial infections having free rein to expand. This can worsen the clinical picture. And sometimes patients have already had many surgeries to the stage of placing a stoma.

Our treatment is aimed at making you feel better, reducing your symptoms and giving you more energy. In many patients, medication is no longer needed after the end of treatment. Unfortunately, the damage caused by operations cannot be repaired. However, in most cases the health situation can be stabilized and the quality of life can be greatly improved.

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Autoimmune diseases: background and insights

At BodySwitch, we look at the causes of autoimmune diseases. From our view, the disease itself is not hereditary, but the factors that cause the disease may be hereditary. Consider intolerances to lactose, dairy and gluten, for example. Bacteria, parasites, fungi, viruses and yeasts are also among the possible causes. Often patients are unaware of this or it has not yet been determined (properly). An enormous amount is now known about the causes of our rapidly changing environment and lifestyle factors that cause us to get sick. We call this epi-genetics. The role of our environment to the expression (expression) of certain genes. BodySwitch particularly focuses on the epi-genetic factors and thus environmental factors in treating the patient.

Scientific developments within epi-genetics are rapidly following one another. We are becoming increasingly aware of the effects of environmental factors that affect our health. This is very important because we can now see that many of our diseases are caused by these factors. In epi-genetics, one studies the reversible heritable change in gene functions. These changes occur without changes to DNA and are transferable to subsequent generations. Even common nutrients, as well as toxins and stress, can alter the expression of genes and make us healthy or sick.

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