Game rules infection prevention Covid-19

Dear Client,

Fortunately, I may receive you again, but because the Coronavirus is still active, certain ground rules have been established from the professional organization for your and my safety. You are expected to read and respect them.

  • I schedule my appointments so that the number of clients in the waiting room is kept to a minimum;
  • In the waiting room, chairs are arranged so that you are always at least 1.5 meters away from fellow patients, should there be any. There is plenty of room to pass each other.
  • Arrive on time, but not too early;
  • The restroom is temporarily out of use;
  • Come alone as much as possible, leave your partner at home. Either parent can, of course, come with their child (up to 16 years old);
  • Take as few items as possible and put away your items that are necessary in your bag or coat pocket;
  • Before and after treatment, I wash my hands and forearms with disinfectant soap;
  • After each client, contact points such as the door handles, doorbell and armrests of the chairs are cleaned. Touch as little as possible in practice;
  • The conversation between us takes place 1.5 meters away;
  • To the extent necessary and possible, I give instructions at least 1.5 meters away;
  • If you feel anxious to come, a telephone or video consultation is also possible. I then remotely “keep a finger on the pulse” and give you instructions or exercises. These consultations are (temporarily) billed in accordance with health insurance company requirements and count toward your total reimbursement;
  • While making the appointment, I ask a number of questions (Triage) that allow me to know if treatment is safe and even just before the actual appointment I do this to check if anything has changed;
  • Stay home if you or any of your family members have symptoms of a cold, fever or flu-like symptoms. You are expected to cancel your appointment or contact me to discuss this. Until further notice, these cancellations, whether timely or not, will not be charged.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and best regards

Your BodySwitch Therapist


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