Gluten or lactose intolerance: Blog with a client’s experience part I

To the geeks for my cold

Blog from a client: ZsaZsaZsu, Sept. 24, 2019

“The medical profession is on a pedestal and everyone says ‘yes and amen’ unquestioningly when a doctor says something. Because it must be true then. For almost 12 years, I have ALWAYS had a cold. My nose looked like a faucet and the tissues were unrelenting. That I did not receive a thank you from Kleenex for helping them through the crisis is still disappointing to me.


To the geeks

Medications, nasal sprays, surgery, none of it would have been necessary if I had discovered the “alternative circuit” earlier. It was my last straw after that surgery, which proved to have no effect (then to those geeks in goat wool socks). A bowel examination immediately followed. Remarkably, the hospital talked about this zero times to be exact. After all, I was suffering from my nose and not my bowels.


What’s he saying?!

From that research came “good news,” the friendly alternate thought. “We’ve pretty much 99% found the cause of your cold.” He grabbed my data and results folder and together we browsed through the results. He: “Yes, so you have to eat and drink gluten- and lactose-free from now on. Let’s look at the nutrition plan.” And he happily browsed on.


Happy trio

I was in shock and wondered if I had misheard him. He brought it so light-heartedly that it seemed like I am allergic to a rare African berry that is in danger of extinction. “I’m sorry, what are you saying? A gluten and cow’s milk intolerance? That’s pretty comprehensive, isn’t it! Me, gluten and cow’s milk have been dancing through life as a trio for years!” He; “Yep, it does require some adjustments, but me and my family have been doing it for years!” Well, totally fine for you and your family, but I’m not sitting here being happy right now.


Can he be trusted?

Besides being somewhat in shock, but also curious now that there were results that might explain my cold, I was also enormously skeptical. After all, would these geeks really know better than medical science? And will I even try? Do I trust these results enough? Am I actually going to change my entire eating habits? From now on carry my own crackers everywhere I go and analyze all the nutrition labels ? Pfffff….or all not and just prefer a cold?”

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