[OPNAME] Free lecture: ‘Sleepily improving your immune system!’

The coronavirus is still keeping us quite busy. Did you know that sleeping well helps us keep this virus out? In fact, sufficient sleep has a positive impact on your resistance and immune system.

How does this work? We’ll go into that in more detail in this webinar. The following topics are covered:

  • What does our immune system do during the night?
  • How does our sleep mechanism, or biorhythm, work?
  • What are common causes of sleep problems?


What can you do to improve your sleep? We would like to give you some more lifestyle tips and advice on nutrition and targeted supplementation that will positively impact your sleep.


This online lecture was given on April 16 by our therapists Petra de Ryck and Margot Lodewijk. Are you interested in receiving the recording of this lecture? Then leave your details via the contact form.




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