Sports Performance

Optimal nutrition, the foundation for every athlete
For everyone, delivering (top) sports performance is only possible with a healthy and well-trained body. To ensure this, a balanced training program is needed and just as important: good nutrition!

Whether you are a novice athlete or an Olympic champion, balanced nutrition is the basis for all performance.

The role of proper nutrition is rather underestimated by many athletes (of any level), which is remarkable to say the least.

Nutrition can build up but it can also break down. After all, nutrition is the fuel for your body, serving your health and performance. Without optimal nutrition tailored to your performance, you will not recover as well after an (intense) workout or competition. As a result, you cannot exercise as well and often as frequently. Very likely, your performance during training and competition will never be optimal as a result.

Studies show that the nutritional values in our daily food (vegetables, fruits, etc.) have dropped significantly in recent years, or even disappeared. Therefore, if the right nutrients are no longer in your diet, you will not get them.

So just to stay healthy, supplementation with the right nutritional supplements in addition to an optimal basic daily diet is desperately needed. By optimally supplying your body with the right nutrients, you are working on several levels at once: On your health, better recovery, fewer injuries and better performance. And that in a natural way, that is, without doping! As a result, your “engine” functions optimally and thus performs optimally.

In doing so, I rely on Orthomolecular medicine and the workings of your body’s biochemical processes. By making these processes as optimal as possible, your performance increases because you function and recover better.

Good nutrition makes all the difference!
Whether you practice strength sports, endurance sports, or a combination of both, the right fuel is important. Every body and every sport requires an individual plan tailored to the sport(s) you play. Whether at an amateur, recreational or competitive level, together we look at what area you want to perform better in. Is that strength? Endurance performance? A combination of both? What are your goals and what do you want to achieve? How often do you train? How often do you have competitions? What kind of work do you do? These are bad some of the factors that influence the fine-tuning of your personal plan.

On your way to good physical balance and the next level in your athletic performance, BodySwitch offers many options to guide you toward your specific goal and expectations.

Even if you are a frequent athlete suffering from injuries, a personal nutrition plan can be the difference between many, few or no injuries. Sometimes injuries are persistent and difficult to recover from. You probably know that nutrition has a huge impact on the body’s recovery process. How can damage (injury, muscle cramping, muscle soreness and so on) recover properly without sufficient building materials? Recovery takes longer (or lasts longer, think injuries). As a result, overtraining is more likely to occur.

If you practice elite sports, we obviously take into account that any dietary supplements to be used have been approved by the NZVT (checked for doping).


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