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Are your hormones out of balance and do you want to get healthy and fit again?

BodySwitch Amsterdam Zuid: Orthomolecular therapist, specialist in hormonal complaints.

Are your hormones out of balance? And do you have weight problems, fatigue complaints, acne, migraines, hair loss, fertility problems, PMS or digestive complaints as a result?

Then you have come to the right place if you want to get rid of your symptoms. Because, most hormonal problems are reversible!

My name is Petra De Ryck, borthomolecular therapist and hormone specialist at BodySwitch Amsterdam-Zuid. For years, I have been helping people with health problems to feel healthy and fit again. And I would also like to help you get rid of your complaints!

A personalised treatment plan.

At BodySwitch, we take all complaints seriously and treat your complaints from the cause, not the symptoms.

A programme starts with a detailed intake questionnaire that we discuss in detail during an initial consultation. Using a complete diagnostic, I identify the causes of your health problem. Once we have identified the cause, we draw up a personalised treatment plan to help you get rid of your symptoms.

This sometimes involves additional laboratory tests (which we fully coordinate for you). Because only when your entire health situation has been mapped out is proper advice possible (diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplement advice).

My goal is for you to be informed, inspired, motivated and, above all, to continue with your new lifestyle on your own.

Would you like to know whether your hormones are out of balance? Then take my free hormone test!

Orthomolecular therapist Amsterdam: Petra de Ryck

My vision: A healthy outside starts from the inside. I want to help you feel healthy, good and fit. Do you want that too?

Then sign up for a free 15-minute personal consultation to get to know each other better and find out what I can do for you.


Orthomoleculair therapeut, specialist in hormonale klachten.

Zijn jouw hormonen uit balans? En heb je daardoor gewichtsproblemen, vermoeidheidsklachten, acne, migraine, haarverlies, vruchtbaarheidsproblemen, PMS of spijsverteringsklachten? Dan ben je bij mij aan het juiste adres als je van je klachten af wilt. Want, de meeste hormonale problemen zijn omkeerbaar!
Mijn naam is Petra De Ryck, orthomoleculair therapeut en hormoon specialist bij BodySwitch Amsterdam-Zuid. Al jaren help ik mensen met gezondheidsklachten om zich weer gezond en fit te voelen. En ik wil ook jou graag van je klachten af helpen!
Een persoonlijk behandelplan op maat.
Bij BodySwitch nemen we alle klachten serieus en behandelen we je klachten vanuit de oorzaak, niet vanuit de symptomen. Een traject start met een gedetailleerde intake vragenlijst die we tijdens een eerste consult in detail bespreken. Aan de hand van een complete diagnostiek breng ik de oorzaken van jouw gezondheidsprobleem in kaart. Wanneer we de oorzaak hebben achterhaald, stellen we een persoonlijk behandelplan op om je van je klachten af te helpen. Dit houdt soms in dat bijkomende laboratoriumonderzoeken wenselijk zijn (die we volledig coördineren voor jou). Want pas als jouw gehele gezondheidssituatie in kaart is gebracht, is een goed advies mogelijk (voeding, leefstijl en voedingssupplementen advies). Mijn doel is dat jij geïnformeerd, geïnspireerd, gemotiveerd en bovenal zelfstandig verder kunt met je nieuwe levensstijl. Wil je alvast weten of jouw hormonen uit balans zijn? Doe dan mijn gratis hormoon test!
Hormoonbalans test

Orthomoleculair therapeut Amsterdam: Petra de Ryck

Mijn visie: A healthy outside starts from the inside. Ik wil jou helpen om je gezond, goed en fit te voelen. Wil jij dat ook? Meld je dan aan voor een gratis persoonlijk adviesgesprek van 15 minuten om elkaar beter te leren kennen en te achterhalen wat ik voor jou kan betekenen.

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Are your hormones out of balance?

Are your hormones out of balance? The good news is that hormonal symptoms are reversible!

Hormones are the most powerful chemical messengers in our bodies. When our hormones are in balance, life is great, but when they are out of balance, they can make your life miserable.

The longer your hormones are out of balance, the worse the adverse effects are. Think; sudden or persistent unexplained weight gain, excessive fatigue, hormonal acne, migraines, digestive problems, hair loss, mood swings, or even anxiety and depression.

Fortunately, many symptoms caused by hormones can be remedied naturally by addressing your diet and lifestyle.

But the longer a system is ‘out of balance’, the harder and longer it takes to bring it back into harmony. It is therefore better to identify and correct hormone problems at an early stage.

Want to know if your hormones are in balance? Then take my free hormone test!

Specialisation BodySwitch Amsterdam-Zuid

BodySwitch Amsterdam-Zuid specialises in reducing persistent (chronic) health complaints in a natural and healthy way. Mainly problems arising from hormonal imbalance.

The specific areas of focus are:

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Customer testimonials

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When I first attended Petra’s webinar on hormone balance, I had low energy, suffered from hormonal migraines, felt anxious and some of my hormones were out of balance. I was also not sleeping well. Petra helped me address my health issues by identifying the underlying problem and developing a tailor-made diet. Her approach helped me balance my hormones naturally. It took time to implement a new nutrition and supplement programme, but I can say that my relationship with food has changed. I also did a detox cure and worked on correcting my nutritional deficiencies with high-quality food and supplements. I feel more energetic than ever, have more control over snacking, have fewer migraines and have found better life balance.


I had been struggling with fatigue, weight gain and hair loss for years. Fortunately, Petra helped me by conducting the right tests and thus identifying the underlying problem. The tests indicated that I was in the early stages of Hashimoto’s development. I had no idea about this, especially considering that I had had a standard thyroid test done a few years ago and everything looked fine. Based on the results of the test, Petra developed a personalised treatment plan and advised me to make my life simpler (less rushed). My first signs of improvement: I had a daily bowel movement for the first time in years and my skin visibly improved. Months later, my antibodies are no longer elevated, I have more energy and my hair looks so much better. Even though my main goal was to lose weight, I got so much more out of the course than just losing weight!


For years, since my adolescence, I have suffered terribly from acne. After many doctor visits, medications and treatments without the desired result, I ended up at Petra’s on the recommendation of a friend. Petra helped me find out where the problem came from (PCOS) and explained how it was related to my diet and lifestyle. Petra helped me address the problem from the root cause by adjusting my diet based on food sensitivity tests, education on healthy fats and other solutions. Through Petra’s approach, my acne became less and less and I feel much more confident about myself. Should you also have acne symptoms, I recommend you to start working with Petra.


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