Here’s how to avoid an autumn dip!

Is it dark when you get up in the morning and leave your office at night?

Does that make you listless and all you feel like doing is hanging out on the couch with a big bowl of chips or cookies?

Then you – like many others – probably suffer from seasonal affective disorder, or SAD for short. Don’t hang out on the couch, do something about it!

Adjust your exercise routine:

As the days shorten and it gets colder, you better adjust your exercise routine. Rediscover indoor sports, such as swimming, fitness and squash. Train both your endurance and muscle mass so that you are resilient for the approaching winter. Still want to keep exercising outside? Or take a brisk walk? Then pack yourself well!

Adjust your diet:

Avoid carbohydrate-rich or fatty foods, which will make you even more moody or depressed. Instead, go for seasonally fresh fruits and vegetables. Foods that contain a hearty serving of vitamin C (citrus fruits, broccoli and Brussels sprouts), omega 3 (salmon, nuts and beet) or iron (spinach or beef) also prevent negative feelings from taking over!




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