BodySwitch Heemskerk - Orthomolecular therapist

Getting healthy and fit naturally. Do you want that too?

BodySwitch Heemskerk - Orthomolecular therapist

Getting healthy and fit naturally.
Do you want that too?

BodySwitch Heemskerk - Specialist in Chronic diseases, Autoimmune diseases and Gastrointestinal complaints

Are you struggling with your health? For example, do you have frequent bowel problems, or do you have a chronic illness? And would you like to get rid of your symptoms and get healthy? Then you have come to the right place at BodySwitch Heemskerk!

Orthomolecular therapist Frank Jonkers, owner of BodySwitch Heemskerk, is a specialist in lifestyle medicine and can help you. At BodySwitch, we take all complaints seriously and treat your symptoms from the core, not the symptoms. Once we have identified the cause, we will create a personalized treatment plan to help you get rid of your symptoms.

Do you want to know if we can help you? Then contact BodySwitch Heemskerk without obligation. Orthomolecular therapist Frank is a specialist in orthomolecular medicine and can help you get rid of your symptoms.

Orthomolecular specialist: Frank Jonkers


My view: Looking for the causes is the start of healing! Because if you know what is going on and what causes it, you can treat it in a targeted and effective way.

Are you ready to take action and work on your health? I am happy to work with you to address the cause of your symptoms and create more quality of life! To achieve this, I create a personal plan of action and give you personal guidance.

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See you in my practice!

BodySwitch Heemskerk - Frank Jonkers

Noorddorperweg 10
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Phone: 0251234000

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00

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What does BodySwitch Heemskerk do?

BodySwitch Heemskerk, orthomolecular therapist Frank Jonkers, helps people with health problems get back to health. Frank is an integrative practitioner and orthomolecular specialist, focusing on chronic disease states and autoimmune diseases.

From the BodySwitch practice in Heemskerk, Frank helps both children and adults improve and maintain their health. As founder of BodySwitch, Frank knows better than anyone how the BodySwitch approach works and how he can help you.

If you would like to know what Frank can do for you, please get in touch. BodySwitch Heemskerk uses a unique central treatment method, which is based on many trainings, scientific research and practical experience. Our approach focuses on fighting not symptoms, but the cause of your symptoms.

And that’s what makes BodySwitch unique! An orthomolecular specialist, Frank also shares his knowledge through various columns and lectures, and is author of his book “Core Healthy – Lifestyle as Medicine.”

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Specialization BodySwitch Heemskerk

BodySwitch Heemskerk specializes in reducing persistent (chronic) complaints in a natural and healthy way.

The specific areas of interest are:

Rates BodySwitch Heemskerk

Preparation Intake

Preparing intake prior to Intake consultation*
This covers the cost of preparing and reading into the questionnaire prior to your intake consultation.


1st intake consultation standard (up to max. 75 min)

  • Discuss outcomes Online questionnaire
  • Food diary
  • Discuss insights analysis

1st intake consultation extended (up to max. 105 min), for extensive complaints

  • Discuss outcomes Online questionnaire
  • Food diary
  • Discuss insights analysis

Application for laboratory testing

Request for blood or fecal examination (per examination)**

  • Application for laboratory testing (by arrangement)
  • Analysis of survey results
  • Explanation of survey results

*) This amount is in addition to the cost of the standard intake consultation or extended intake consultation. !!!Important for you: The intake consultation and proper preparation for it is tremendously important to get a complete picture of your situation right away. On that basis, I can best help you achieve your goals. After all, a good start is half the battle! And that can only be done with a thorough approach.

**) This does not include external laboratory costs. A statement of this will be discussed during the intake consultation.

Personal plans

Preparation of personal treatment plan (standard)
Preparation of personal treatment plan (complex)
Preparation of personal nutrition plan


Consultation briefly or by phone (max. 25 min.)
Consult standard (max. 50 min.)
Consult long/Discuss treatment plan standard (max. 75 min)
Consult extensive / Discuss treatment plan complex (max. 105 min)

Watch the vlog of a client of BodySwitch Heemskerk!

Watch Paula Smit’s vlog “out of love for your life” on the role of nutrition in chronic disease. Below is a quote from Paula.

“Today I was visiting Frank Jonkers of Bodyswitch. SO interesting!!! This man has already gotten an incredible number of people off medication by implementing a (customized) diet. For me, another great challenge to do even more with nutrition!”

Watch the video!

Customer Reviews

Blogs and articles by Frank Jonkers

Frank Jonkers is a specialist in chronic diseases, intestinal disorders and autoimmune diseases. To inform you about alternative medicine, Frank has written dozens of blogs and articles.

View BodySwitch Heemskerk’s publications here.

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Most chronic complaints originate from your gut!

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What the heart is full of………

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Dealing with diabetes? Know what you’re eating!

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Autoimmune diseases

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The role of your gut in depression

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Thyroid problems? Nutrition is the building block for health!

Did you know that...half a million Dutch people have a thyroid gland that is too slow? Maybe you've been trying to lose some weight for years, but no matter what you try, the pounds keep coming off. Moreover, you feel tired, despite actually getting eight hours of sleep every night. A thyroid disorder brings a lot of discomfort. Nutrition is the building block for health and can help restore thyroid function.

Master rheumatism with the right lifestyle!

Reduce rheumatic symptoms? A customized nutrition plan, supplemented with specific and targeted supplements to restore processes, will significantly improve the quality of life of someone with rheumatoid arthritis. The treatment is based on body-friendly substances, with the aim of restoring health and processes as best as possible. Are you curious about how we can help reduce your rheumatic symptoms? Then contact Frank Jonkers of BodySwitch Heemskerk!

Healthy living instead of symptom management

Down with the pills!

Don’t let abdominal pain and PDS control your life anymore!

Looking for the causes: measuring = knowing!

Do you have health complaints? Then make an appointment with BodySwitch Heemskerk!


BodySwitch is a lifestyle medicine organization.